Friday, December 27, 2013

Elder Bednar Visits

Oi, Happy New Year!!! How is everyone doing? I'd like to know a little more about anything new going on. That's awesome that you found the adapter, I haven't bought one yet, but it will save me $30 so thank you!!!! I wear a size 32/33ish waist and a 34 length normally. Everyone in our district is doing well, except last week Elder Hodges sprained his ankle playing basketball. He seems to be doing fine, and he will be fully recovered by the time we are done at the MTC. This week has been pretty good. On Christmas we had Elder Bednar come and teach us. He is really good at explaining complex things and answering questions. He handed out about 200 cellphones to everyone in the auditorium and then had us text questions to his ipad, and he would answer them at the podium. I wrote down what I thought were the best ones.

One of Elder Bednar's favorite scriptures: 3rd Nephi 11: 15. In this scripture, Christ invites a multitude of people ( about 2500 people) to come and feel the nail prints from his suffering on the cross. The key words in this scripture were "one by one". Christ didn't just have a few obtain a witness and then tell the others. Everyone was invited to see and feel his wounds and gain a testimony one by one. Elder Bednar taught that this phrase "one by one" appeared 5 other times in the Book Of Mormon and encouraged us to find them for ourselves. He also explained that everything Christ did was one by one. It is likely that when Christ suffered in the garden, he suffered for everyone's sins, each individual person One By One. Bednar also talked of how Nephi was one of his favorite prophets in the scriptures because of the basic principles we can learn from his experiences. For example, when he was commanded to return to Jerusalem to obtain the scriptures he says "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do." This is the principle through which all personal revelation comes. We must act first in faith, believing we will receive, and then the Lord will bless us with understanding, or whatever our needs may be.

The Atonement has two purposes: A cleansing power to forgive sin and erase it so that God remembers it no more, and a Strengthening power for those who are righteous and wish to call upon God to help them become better servants. Remember Ammon boasting not in himself, but in his God because through his God he could do all things pertaining to God's will. He converted thousands of Lamanites to the Gospel when most thought they could never be taught the Gospel, or come unto Christ.

Why do we still feel shame for sins after we have repented and forgiven if God remembers them no longer?:
Because even though the initial sin has been forgiven, consequences remain. They may remain to serve as reminders to never commit the sin again or for many other purposes. Elder Bednar taught that this shame can be forgotten over time as we change who we are through small acts everyday (sincere prayer, small acts of service, scripture study, etc.) He compared it to a jar full of dirty sand, with a hole just big enough for 1 grain to move through at a time. The jar represents our mind, and each small act to better ourselves is symbolic of putting a grain of pure white sand in, until over time the white sand has replaced the dark, murky sand.

Elder Bednar explained that the best missionaries in the world are selfless in their work. They forget about their own problems and turn outward at all times to help the needs of others. They are more concerned about the welfare of others than their own wants. This is the character of Christ. Christ taught that 'he that loses his life for my sake shall find it.' (Matthew 10:39) Those who lose themselves in serving Christ at all times, striving to live as he did for his sake, will find Eternal life after death.

I wish that Elder Bednar could have stayed the whole day and taught us because he always does an amazing job of helping me to understand specific topics. All the Elders in the Older district will be leaving this upcoming week to enter the field. Since most of them haven't received their visas yet, they were reassigned to new missions until their visas come in. About 3 or 4 of them were called to the Raleigh NC mission. I thought that was really interesting and kind of hope they will come across someone that I know.

Anyways, keep me posted about what going on. I love you all, and thank you for the support and help.

Eu amo Voces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hodgson

Elder Hargrove posing. I dont know why we did this..... I don't know why we do a lot of crazy things we do hahaha

Our district on P-day: Back Row: Elder Hodges, Elder Hargrove, Sister Maughan, Sister Bosworth-Arzani, and me. Middle: Elder Moss, Sister Thacker, Elder Pennington. Front: Elder Ballard
Me and Elder Hargrove Excited about P-day!!!! ( like that one Gieco Commercial with the Camel) Hey everyone guess what day it is? Friday. OH come on you know what day I mean, what day is it? P DAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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