Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting Ready for Brazil

Oi!!! how is everyone? I've been good lately. Everyone is stir crazy and is ready to leave the MTC. I'm pretty anxious and excited as well. It's been pretty stressful trying to pack and make sure I don't forget anything important, or pack something that I won't need in Brazil. Also our whole schedule for this last week was changed last minute, and my P-day was moved to today instead of yesterday. Jackie, I'm sending you a package full of some stuff I don't need, or just couldn't fit in my bag. I think the MTC will call you to come pick it up soon. they charge $2 if you take too long, but they also said I could come pick it up 5 years from now and it would still just cost $2 haha. I'm really excited to leave and enter the field. While I'm at the airport I'm allowed to call home, so stay near a phone all day Monday if you can. That includes the Messisco's too, except I only remember Emily and Anna's number but I don't whose number is whose haha. I got a package from the Messiscos. Thank you for all the goodies! There is no way I can eat it all though, so I've been sharing with my district. I'm going 'to smuggle' some of it to Brazil and share with my companion as a sort of peace offering hahaha. I also got Jackie's package yesterday. The pants fit good, and thank you for the power converter, it came just in time!!

I'm still learning a lot. This week in language has been focused on subjunctives, conditionals, and just trying to get more vocab. I feel like I have all the regular conjugations memorized, but I just mix them up because they are pretty similar to me right now, I'll get better with time though. Our teachers say our class is really good at speaking already, and guesses that we'll be fluent within 2 months of living in Brazil. Tonight is our last class time here, so I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures of everyone tonight, I guess you will get them next week along with plenty of pictures of Brazil.

For your talk about member missionary work: One of our teachers living in Utah explained how he met a nonmember on a plane. The nonmember knew plenty about the church because they lived in Utah as well and are surrounded by members, but had never been to church simply because no one ever invited him. That's how simple it is. I know that all you have to do is open your mouth, and missionary work will begin. Even though you are not a "full-time missionary" you are still a disciple of Christ. Because of your knowledge of him, it's part of your identity. Simply by speaking to strangers there is a part of you that has been influenced by the Gospel that will come to mind, all you have to do is share it, and testify of it. Even as a missionary, my only role in missionary work, is inviting and a little bit of teaching. The holy ghost does everything else, it Testifies when I teach, It provides all the feeling and places the desire for the gospel in others when they hear about it. That is true for you as well. We know that in the scriptures when God says something 3 times, it is extremely important, Like when he warns people to repent of iniquity he may say "wo, wo, wo."  Well, God says the phrase " For the fields are white and ready to harvest" 51 times in the scriptures. People are ready to hear the gospel. God is pouring out his spirit upon the Earth, and people are seeking for truth. Don't be shy of sharing the gospel either. That is one of my regrets from before my mission. I should have put more effort into sharing what I know. Next time you second guess whether or not to share it remember what is on the line: Someone's opportunity not only for a happier life on Earth, but for Eternal life after death. Also, don't think about what you will say too much before sharing the gospel. Remember, the gospel is a part of you, you have developed Christ-like attributes, (at least to some degree) through repentance. Just be sure to ACT upon your faith, and open your mouth. I promise you will see miracles if you will look for them. They are everywhere.

 I bought a shoulder bag at the MTC so I don't need anything this week. I will talk to everyone on Monday. Keep a phone close by. Eu Amo Voces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hodgson

Picture: Our messy room. I sleep on the top left bed, we had some other elders from our zone with us too. Elder Lee is sitting on the bed, Elder Ballard is writing in his journal, Elder Moss and Elder Hargrove are messing with a toy gun, and Elder Walbrecht is On top of the dresser putting stuff in our room's "Narnia hole" Its a hole were missionaries but goodies for the next missionaries who move into their room. We found a set of cards for "Angry-Birds Uno" Thanks previous inhabitants of 6M- 313!!!!!!

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